Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Barrettes
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Dichroic Earrings

 The earrings have pure silver wires fused within.  I have been experimenting with new shapes and designs.  These new styles are fused with dichroic exposed for satin texture.  The elongated diamond shape are especially time consuming to make and require multiple iterations of fusing.

Each pair is accented with coordinating gemstone or Austrian crystal beads.  The wires are sterling silver.  Unless noted otherwise the earrings are about 1" long from the bottom of the ear wires.

DER122 $20.   Sparkling box pattern rainbow dichroic dangled from 3mm black onyx beads. Lots of movement.  


DER128 $20.   Dichroic fused over transparent green art glass. 5/8"



DER125 $20.   A pair of dichroic stud earrings. Dichroic fused over black 5/8"


soldDER124 $20.   A pair of dichroic stud earrings.   I have not attached the backing to these yet.  Therefore you can decide if you would like it to be diamond or square shape


DER121 $20.   Little bubbles with 4mm lapis bead accent.     soldDER108 $24.   Textured dichroic surface using variety of dichroic pattern and colors with black background.  Accented with 4mm black onyx beads.  1-1/4" to bottom of sterling silver hooks.
PNT1 $43 A large raku pillow shape focal strung with handmade sterling silver capped pin with coordinating raku frit spacers and silver bead. It is based on black art glass with silver trialing. The pendant is 2-3/8" and the focal is 25x25x17mm.   


PNT2 $47.  Galaxy pendant in transparent blue with palladium leaf, dichroic, and silver trailing.  The sterling silver capped pin has 9mm diameter cap. The pendant is 2-1/2" and the focal is 30x30x14mm



Dichroic Hair Barrettes

To make the barrettes light weight  the thinnest glass are used when possible and quality 
made in France  findings are used to make them durable.    The barrette findings range in size from 50mm to 85mm.   The size of the finding is given with each barrette.  These curved findings come in one piece and will not come apart.   Many of the barrettes cannot be duplicated because they are made from recycled dichroic glass where I piece the scrap dichroic and art glass together in coordinating colors, fuse and shape the glass many times before slumping it over a barrette mold.  This is a time consuming process but hopefully you will appreciate the result.

 Here is a sample barrette profile.
barrette_profile.jpg (20820 bytes)

BT122 $18. Shades of red and black accented with silver gold and red dichroic. Small 60mm  finding 3".

 BT120 $20.Nicely shaped with blue green purple dichroic sparkle. 70mm finding 3-1/2"


BT126 $25. Bright summer colors in red blue purple and gold. Large 85mm finding 4-1/4".

soldBT116 $16.   Lots of gold dichroic in this bright barrette.  70mm finding 3-1/2"


 BT114  $20.  Millefiori canes fused over ivory art glass accented with blue/purple diamond dichroic.70mm finding.

3-1/2".  Check out the new millefiori barrettes page for additional dichroic millefiori barrette selection.
soldBT128 $24. Emerald green, sapphire blue and magenta pattern dichroic accent . Medium 70mm finding 3-1/2"



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