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Sterling Silver Cat Jewelry

Dancing Frog Jewelry
 Cat Jewelry

All metal jewelry are sterling silver

cat27 $25 Cat and fish bowl. w amethyst crystal accents.

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 cat1 $25 Cat and mouse. w red crystal accents.  Other crystal colors available are black, blue, pink, green, and orange.

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Cat30 $18. Cat and Mouse Pendant.  See the matching Cat1 earrings.

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Sterling Silver Cat Charms

CatCharm1 2.2g 1x5/8"  Add to Cart
CatCharm2 1.0g 3/4x1/2"  Add to Cart
CatCharm3 2.5g
1-1/8x5/8"  Add to Cart
CatCharm4 3D cast 2.5g  3/4x3/8" Add to Cart
CatCharm5  3D cast 3.2g 3/8x1"  Add to Cart
CatCharm6 1.7g 1/2x1/2"  Add to Cart
CatCharm10  3D cast 3.2g 5/8x1/2"  Add to Cart
CatCharm11  2.4g 1/2x7/8"  Add to Cart

Sterling Silver Napping Cat Bracelet

Cat4 Napping Cat Bracelet.  8 linked sterling silver cat charms. Design on one side. Adorable 11.3 grams 7-1/2" $28.00 

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Sterling Silver Walking Cat Bracelet
Cat5  10 linked sterling silver cats charms . Design on one side. 9.1 grams 7-1/2" $24.00 

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