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*Rachael Neve Lovely
Necklace #1 and Necklace #2
Stephanie Bolden
Sally Cooper
Lori Steele_Johnson
Sharonne Ketels
Jane Lappe
Lauren Oblom
Roszann ogas
marion Reeves
Kim Smith
Kathi Turner
Deonna Vaughan
Patti Whiteley
lisa Winslow
Beverly Wyatt
Jane Lappe
This beautiful leaf necklace is a custom necklace jane designed for her customer.  Please contact Jane if you would like jane to design a personal piece for you.

Jane's email address:


Deonna Vaughan of Designs by Deonna

Deonna designed This gorgeous necklace using a lentil bead named winding waters and faceted blue quartz beads.

Thank you for the picture.


Lauren Oblom

This beautiful necklace appeared on pg8 of June Bead and button magazine where Lauren gave her tips on how to attach a fused pendant to a bead crochet rope.  Congratulations for having your work published and thank you for including this pendant in the submission.    Lauren's email:



Lisa Winslow

Lisa whipped up these two lovely necklaces in no time at all.  I am especially happy to see the faux Koroit opal looking so beautiful hanging with gemstone and mother of pearl beads.  Lisa can be reached at:   wwins10058@aol.com

Lori Steele_Johnson

 Lori combines gemstone beads, glass beads, and lovely pearls into beautiful work of art.  Please visit lori's website A Natural state and see her large selection of beautiful handmade jewelry.  If you are interested in having her custom make a necklace for you, please contact her at:


Kim Smith

Kim's work demonstrates her ability to combine color and shape to compliment the focal bead.  They are simple and elegant.

A beautiful necklace and earring set using macrame technique.

Stephanie Bolden

What a creative way to showcase this dichroic pendant.  Here is Stephanie's description regarding how it was made.  she used:

"Fiesta! rayon floss (orange red); Sparkle Rays (glittery yellow); Tiara soft twisted metallic (red); Glisser Gloss - Estaz (fuzzy wild orange); glittery red eyelash yarn and yellow waxed linen. I used the waxed linen not only for strength, but to string the beads on it.
      The beads are German and Czech Republic. The technique is incredibly simple macrame."

 stephanie's email address is:


Sharonne Ketels

Beautiful combination of Swarovski crystals and a red ruffle bead.   Thank you for sharing this gorgeous necklace.

Sharronne's email is:


lena_spring.jpg (47861 bytes)A " spring Dance " the leaf bead with aventurine and cranberry confetitti and dichroic inclusions has been strung by Lena into this gorgeous necklace with alexandrite and amethyst crystal accent beads and metal spacers.
For a fine collection of Murano Art Glass, Murano handcrafted beaded jewelry, Swarovski handcrafted jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, collector dolls and more....please check out the above listed internet stores and web sites.   

As you can see Lena is quite a multitalented designer and I am very please to see one of my leaf beads used in her work.

Lena's email address:


beverly_Pkflutter.jpg (21247 bytes)Always ready to take on a challenge. beverly succeed in getting the accent beads to match this pink and green flutter bead perfectly.  Here is the close up view. beverly_bluewhite.jpg (17624 bytes) Using Mothwoman's exquisite flutter beads and couple of my lampwork beads beverly created this beautiful leaf necklace.  Here is the close up view.


beaded jewelry by Beverly Wyatt.  As you can see not only the colors match perfectly, the amount of time involved in making these spiral chains made these necklaces truly labor of love.  

Beverly can be contacted at:

beverly and her business partner Cynthia Nieto operate a bead store in arlington TX which showcases a large selection of my lampwork dichroic beads.  The store is:

NewHouse Gifts/bead Store
2900 East Pioneer Parkway
Intersection of Hwy. 360 & Hwy.303(Pioneer Pkwy)
Suite 302
Arlington TX 76010


kathi1105.jpg (36649 bytes) raspberry heart bead necklace. I love the wirework frame and the oval beads wrapped with weaved seed beads. Cowgirl Rules to be featured in 2/08 Bead and button magazine.  Congratulations.  Kits available on Kathi's website.

Beautiful freeform agate necklace.

Engraved Jade Ring Necklace.


beaded jewelry by Kathi Turner of high desert creations  

Kathi can be contacted at:

bjcohan_1113.jpg (54131 bytes)

Barbara Cohan leads multiple lives.  She is a lawyer, a restaurant owner, and a talented jewelry artist as you can see by the leaf drop necklace here.  It is strung with 14k GF liquid gold beads, Austrian crystals, and an assortment of Czech glass and Japanese seed beads.  Findings are 14k GF.  Barbara can be reached at:

sally_copheart.jpg (17130 bytes)Copper Heart sally_rainbow.jpg (17426 bytes)Rainbow Falls.


Sally Cooper won these two beads at my ebay auctions.  I am so happy to see them designed into these lovely necklaces.    I am sure they will be sold in a flash. Sally can be reached at:



patti_donut.jpg (137468 bytes) Patti designed this elegant pendant with one of my donut bead.  Isn't it beautiful! patti_neolav.jpg (50863 bytes)Patti won this neo lavender pendant at a recent auction and turned it into this elegant necklace the day the bead arrived.



 Patti Whitely is a talented jewelry artist who makes beautiful jewelry and no wonder she does well at shows and gets many requests for custom work.

Patti's email is: Beadseeker@aol.com


marion_leafs.jpg (32299 bytes) marion_721b.jpg (17421 bytes)
marion_1.jpg (37521 bytes)


Marion Reeves designed these necklaces by strings large hole beads  onto satin cords. Her choice of bead colors really make the various ancient Calligraphy symbols stand out.  The lamp worked leaf drop pendants really shine too.  By seeing how nicely the the flutter bead (top row, 2nd bead, right picture) hangs in her necklace, I may bring them back to my website. Thank you for sharing your work.

Marion can be contacted:


roszann_1.jpg (55242 bytes) roszann_3.jpg (87249 bytes) roszann_2.jpg (69969 bytes)


Roszann Ogas has been selling her beautiful creations for  some time.  These lovely necklaces were strung on elastic cords wit coordinating miracle beads Czech alexandrite beads and other filler glass beads.  She has been getting lots of compliments with these even though they are not quite finished (she is trying to decide if the cords should be crimped or knotted to offer the best security).

Roszann's email is:


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